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Biotarget is a company established in 2016 as a combination of scientific competences in the field of molecular biology, immunochemistry, but also business and commercialization competences.

Biotarget conducts R&D in the areas of immunomodulation, immunostimulation, medicinal products in the form of FSMPs, putting particular emphasis on cancer and infectious diseases.

Our beginnings

The establishment of Biotarget was a response to the need to support the immune system in fighting diseases, including the oncological, viral and bacterial ones.

More information

The establishment of Biotarget was a response to the need to support the immune system in fighting diseases, including the oncological, viral and bacterial ones.

The role of the immune system and the significance of different types of immune responses are the subject of increasingly intensive research efforts. In recent years we witnessed how immunology became a very important part of oncology, hemato-oncology, and in the recent 2 years, also of virology and epidemiology.

The idea of applying immunotropic drugs in hematology and oncology was linked with the growing understanding of the role of the thymus and its hormones in controlling the immune response mechanism. As we know, they play a key role in the reaction of the immune system to various pathogens, also allowing for the identification and immunological attack of the emerging tumor cells with immunogenic properties.

The need for an in-depth investigation of the role of individual components of the immune system stems from the need for new therapeutic methods, new applications or modifications to previously known forms.

The thymus is still largely unexplored an organ, which encourages further research thereof. Understanding the role the thymus plays in T-cell production and homeostasis and a thorough understanding of the function and involvement of specific system proteins recently led to greater interest in thymic organogenesis and function. The application of systems biology, in conjunction with more traditional approaches, proved essential for discovery and optimization of the molecular mechanisms underlying drug-(or otherwise)-induced thymic effects. These methods will allow for research on new aspects of thymus function and help understand thymus function, morphogenesis and development. This knowledge will find application in identifying potential targets for new drugs and combination therapies. Furthermore these methods may find their application not only for studying the function of genes and proteins in thymic organogenesis, but also for elucidating the origin and generic relationship between cortical and spinal epithelial cell types.

Our team

Magdalena Staniszewska

PhD DSc. Ass. Prof.
Co-Founder / Chief Science Officer

Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH (USA) post-doc graduate, PhD from immunochemistry and biochemistry from Polish Academy of Sciences.

Leading biotechnology scientist with several years of experience as Senior Scientist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA (USA) and Polish Academy of Sciences. A scientist with broad experience in discovering molecular bases of diseases, identifying targets and developing novel therapeutic strategies for diabetic complications, cancer and eye diseases. Co-invented analytical tools and diagnostic markers of pathological neovessels, has track record of scientific publications and public speaking.

Marcin Staniszewski

MSc. Eng.
Co-Founder / Senior Engineer

University of Akron, OH (USA) graduate. Experienced scientist and engineer with several years of experience in R&D engineering projects obtained at US companies, incl. NASA Laboratory for a space and air industry. Member of Polish American Business Center in Boston, MA (USA). Founder of several technology startups in the United States.

Mateusz Sagan

Co-Founder / Chairman & CEO

MBA graduate from University of Central Lancashire Preston, UK. Experienced leader and manager specialized in strategic management, sales management, and development of innovative R&D BioTech and MedTech startups. Decades as CEO and Board Executive for large international corporate business (incl. Iron Mountain Inc., Biella Neher Holding AG, Esselte Leitz Group) with strong leadership and vision building expertise.

Investing and mentoring within acceleration programs, incl. MIT Enterprise Forum CEE. Council Member of Interim Managers Association in Poland and Lublin Medicine Cluster.

Przemysław Kopyto

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Doctor, Lublin Medical University & Harvard Business School graduate. Expert in the field of marketing strategies and oncology pharma markets. Dozen’s years of experience in building and managing distribution markets for novel oncology drugs. Several years with Novartis Oncology and USB Pharma responsible for launching novel drugs in the area of hematology and immunotherapies for cancer.

Co-financed by the EU funds

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